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Property # 1178543 Available $1,995,000.00

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   Business Information

Business CategoryOther Business
Other BusinessSpecialty Transportation
Business NameSpecialty Transportation
Property Address 1n.a.
Property Address 2n.a.
Property Town/CityNorthern Minnesota
Property Countyn.a.
Property StateMinnesota
Property ZIP/Postal Code 00000
MLS #n.a.
Building Sq. Ft.6,000
Lot Size Sq. Ft.n.a.
Lot Frontage Ft.n.a.
Lot Depth Ft.n.a.
No. Parking Spacesn.a.
Year Established1992
Business Description Northern MN specialty transportation, providing transportation services for the elderly & people with disabilities. Main focus is providing transportation to and from healthcare facilities. Drivers register riders at appointments, etc. Good cash flow to owner/operator with real estate included.
Property Description 153' x 210' lot in Industrial area. Off street parking for 25 vehicles. Natural gas furnaces and 2 hanging garage heaters. Air conditioned office area
Area Descriptionregional center providing professional banking, retail, cultural, entertainment, education, medical and business services.

   Financial Information

Sales Price $$1,995,000.00
Gross Revenue $$1,837,488.00
Total Expenses $n.a.
Taxes $n.a.
Net Operating Income $$325,093.00
Cap Rate0.00%
Year Ending2018
Lease Endsn.a.
Financing/Termscash sale

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